The 3d property - presentation in a video:

3d property in englisch 3d realestate in german 3d realestate in russian 3d property in arabic
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3D presentation of real estate in a video

The three-dimensional object presentation promises realistic virtual tours at each location with appropriate facilities. Customers have the feeling of being on site, and to make an impression of the property, although they are only in a virtual space. The buyers had a much better way of pre-selection. The best effect is achieved by spatial walk-through of the property. Crucial for a good recording, however, is a blur-free 3D camera control. In the professional area, therefore, be laid on track camera movements. This is of course far too expensive. With our newly developed tripod on wheels and special tires, good damping can now be achieved within a few hours to capture wonderful images. Through the use of 20 mm focal length, an angle of 86 degrees is detected. Here with, even small rooms and bathrooms are recorded without any problems. Additional lighting by multiple LED lamps also allows to create videos in dark rooms.

Service 3D - Video for real estate

  • creating the concept
  • video capture
  • processing the input
  • creating 3D - Video
  • 3D BlueRay copies
We will gladly make you an offer for the creation of a 3D - BlueRay.