Article Writing Format: Three Simple Guidelines

Want to learn how to write an article well? We bet you do. The thought of writing quality papers gives you chills. Writers are expected to have excellent skills in the written word and creative ideas in their approach. Article writing is a skill you can only acquire through time and practice. However, certain circumstances may occur that may prevent you from writing an excellent article. You can, however, learn the necessary steps to assist you in your article writing. Here are three simple guidelines you should follow when writing an article:

  • Make your article brief and on point. It is not about being too long. Writing a lengthy article will just bore the reader. Please make your articles short by avoiding long sentences and relying on short paragraphs. Short sentences force your reader to focus on one point in your article and not have to read the whole article.
  • Use simple transitions. To make the reader follow your article, use simple transition words. This ensures that the reader understands the ideas being discussed easily. Include ‘read more,’ ‘get more information,’ ‘learn more,’ and ‘stop. Use the same technique when writing a blog post, blog article, or any other document.
  • For your thoughts and information to have credibility, make it factual. Many people will dismiss information they do not want to hear. Therefore, it is vital to make your research as factual as possible. You should avoid using ambiguous terms or using information that has been proven false.
  • Read every other sentence and consider it critically. It helps you to understand the entire meaning of the sentences. It also helps you to eliminate words and phrases that do not add value to your article.

Five Tips to Write an Excellent Article

The last thing you want is to create an article that has low standards in the quality department. This article will look at five steps you should follow when writing an article. As you read through, it is essential to remember to write the above steps down so that you don’t forget them.

Make an Outline

An outline acts as a framework for your essay. It helps you to know where your points will go and also where you are likely to come across conflicts. It gives you the ideal way forward. Make a summary of the topic as well as the point you want to raise. This helps you to format your topic in a way that meets the intentions of the audience and keeps them entertained.

Write and Edit an Article

After you have organized your thoughts and information, come up with an outline. Write down all the thoughts you had for your topic. Give each thought its page and ensure the paragraphs are well composed. With this information, your outline will guide you towards writing an article.

An excellent article is one that is well written and edited. It is not easy to create quality articles. It takes time and effort to get good at it.

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