Guide to Identifying and Eliminating Your Weakness in Argumentative Essays

When you compose an argumentative essay, you must be sure that you’ve only highlighted the relevant facts to support your argument. As such, you’ll be in a position to develop an outstanding document that relates to your study topic. What are the common traits that make up good argumentative essays? Let’s find that out!

Qualities in Excellent Argumentative Essays

There are three essential characteristics that define an argumentative essay. They are:

  1. Stating the main idea

The main idea in your paper should evoke a reaction from your readers. Be sure to explore the details of your argument and make it interesting. If you present factual information, then you’ll get feedback that supports your writing.

At times, you’ll encounter an instance where other individuals have expressed a different opinion. If you can correlate this with your paper, it becomes easy to develop a good understanding of your argument. Besides, you’ll prove that your writing is clear-headed.

When writing an argumentative essay, you must state your central subject through your writing. If your academic discipline allows it, you can also include the supporting facts that might have turned the other individuals against your side.

  1. Counterarguments

Sometimes, a professor might ask you to present your personal stand in your writing. If that is the case, you must be ready to present evidence to support your personal stand. Ensure that you highlight all the crucial concepts. Be keen to include valid data in your essay so that the readers don’t go through the process of rereading your writing. Doing so makes it easy for them to give their own perspective in the research.

The second step would be counterarguments that you come up with. Such reactions will depend on the context. For example, you can’t evaluate the merits of a drug if you don’t know its side effects. Instead, it must conform to the theory of one of its proponents. Besides, it must be easy to understand. As such, you’ll need a clear thesis statement for it to prove any counterargument.

  1. Background info

It is crucial to know the context of your information in your writing. Remember, your understanding will help you in building an argumentative essay that resonates with your readers. To achieve that, you must be sure that you are sourcing the right information.

Where possible, you can obtain information through credible data, such as statistics or reports. It helps a lot to cite all the sources in your writing. Doing so helps to give credit to your instructor. The last thing you want to do is present false data when addressing your work.


Before you present an argumentative essay report, you must be sure of the proper guidelines to employ. Be sure to cite all the essential resources, including all the referencing styles. Be sure to understand how your professor expects you to make an argumentative essay. If you can achieve that, it becomes easy to draft such papers.

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