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Social media content is a key aspect necessary for effective community promotion. It is used to attract interested users who become real customers.
But to achieve this result, you need to create interesting and useful material (preferably by creating a detailed content plan in advance). To do this, you need to know the types of content – to understand which ones are best used when promoting the community.
What are the types of content? There are five of them in total, and each of them has its own key features.
Informational content
It is also called news or information. It helps you gain trust – this is the main task of this type of content. Therefore, there should be at least 50% of the total number of publications in the community.
There you can talk about:
– company history, results achieved;
– qualification of employees (passing cool trainings, obtaining certificates);
– product characteristics;
– advantages of ordering a product / service;
– useful features
– the process of using the products you sell;
– master classes
– news in your industry.
You can also publish Expert and rating reviews, opinions of famous personalities (bloggers), forecasts, trends, etc.
Selling content
This type of content encourages people to buy real products and it turns interested users into real customers. It lets you know that your products/services are exactly what they need.
The recommended number of such posts is 30% of the total number. At the same time, they must:
– attract attention with an original title;
– demonstrate products/services on the good side;
– promise the user help in solving their problem;
– explain how to use the products correctly;
– offer benefits that others don’t have (promotions, discounts);
– describe the order processing process and payment methods in detail;
– contain reviews confirming the demand for products;
– contain a call to action – preferably with a time limit so that users can make quick decisions.
Educational content
It increases the percentage of subscribers ‘ trust. This type of content includes:
– review articles;
– posts that reveal knowledge and confirm competence in a particular field;
– online consultations (to help solve any customer problems);
– attract well-known experts who will share their opinions with subscribers.
Communication content
This type of content also increases the level of user trust through a variety of techniques:
– conducting surveys that encourage subscribers to participate in the dialog;
– please leave feedback (negative comments are also useful, because they can be used to improve the service and serve customers better);
– please share your opinion (people like to be asked for advice: just specify the topic and start a conversation to increase activity in the community, make it more “lively”).
But there are 2 nuances here. First, communication content only works in promoted communities. If there are not enough subscribers, then there will be no communication. And new users, seeing the complete absence of comments, will not want to subscribe.
And the second one is that communication can always turn into a scandal or a meaningless argument. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly monitor this and be able to “extinguish” the brewing conflict in time.
Entertainment content
This type of content is the most interesting for users. After all, this is exactly why they go to social networks. However, it does not help you solve your business problems directly. Therefore, entertainment posts can be allocated 30% of their total number – this will be enough.

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